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An Enchanting Tour to Mauritius

An Enchanting Tour to Mauritius

Mauritius, the small island nation is thronged by the visitors all the year round the island is situated in the Indian Ocean. This place is known for its mesmerizing beauty which leaves one captivated. This island nation is the blend of multitude of colours and tastes. Peace and tranquillity spreads all over the island and one can experience the most romantic atmosphere here. Except the southern part of the island most of its coast is surrounded by Coral reefs.

Holiday destinations in Mauritius

There are numerous places of tourist’s attraction in Mauritius Port Louis the capital city of Mauritius bustles with commercial activity. The night life is much different and that the time when one can enjoy in the casinos, bars, restaurants etc. Mauritius is well known for its multi-cuisine restaurants, cinemas and shopping arcades. Here one get wide range of food be it Indian, Chinese, French, Mexican, Italian etc. You can find all the things at the Port Louis Market including fruit, vegetables, meats, handicrafts, clothing and spices of different variety. The renowned Natural History Museum of Mauritius is also in Port Louis. This museum is said to have collection of variety of historical things.

You can enjoy your holidays in Mauritius by lounging on the beach. One can also involve in several adventure sports activities to add more fun. Deep sea, water-skiing, fishing and snorkelling are the most famous sports. Mauritius is also known for giving variety of spa treatment by the experts. This is an ultimate honeymoon destination and is visited by many newly wedded couples. The place has many luxury resorts and budget hotels. The travellers are advised to book the resorts or hotels in advance to avoid any problem.

Grand Bay is also a tourist-oriented spot in Mauritius, the place offers a plethora of shopping and leisure facilities. Fantastic restaurants, clubs and discos are a great attraction for the tourists. There are also some temples and other cultural places of visit in Balaclava Ruins which is situated near Bay aux Tortures. The gigantic Maheswarnath Hindu temple at Triolet Shivala is visited by the people in large number. The Black River Gorges, natural lakes, national park and Grand Bassin also offer most picturesque sight.

The Rodrigues Island which is situated to the east of Mauritius, is a volcanic island. This place is thronged by natural beauty and it presents the most picturesque view. It is home to large number of extraordinary species and coral reefs. From here one can also go to Madagascar and check out its stunning rainforests and rocky scenery.

There are number of low fare flights available from Dubai to Mauritius. In total 3 airlines operate between Dubai and Mauritius, Emirates has the maximum number of non-stop flights between the two nations.