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Discover the World’s Longest Yard Sale

Discover the World’s Longest Yard Sale

The World’s Longest Yard Sale, also known as the 127 Corridor Sale, is a summer tradition for bargain hunters. For 25 years people have followed the route through six states in search of a great deal. The 2012 sale is scheduled for August 2-5. The sale has grown to become the biggest event of its kind in the world.

The route stretches for 690 miles along US Hwy 127 from Hudson, Michigan to Lookout Mountain Parkway and Gadsden, Alabama. The sale covers parts of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and a small corner of Georgia. It is impossible to cover the whole route thoroughly during the four day event, so buyers should choose a region on which to concentrate their efforts. Then head out on the road and search for some bargains.

Planning is the key to getting the most out of the event. Some regions will have lots of vendors grouped closely together, so a lot of time could be spent in one area. In other places along the route, vendors could be spread out over the miles. Travelers should plan to do some research on the region they want to drive. It is wise to plan overnight accommodations along the route, reserving hotels in advance. Major cities along Hwy 127 include Cincinnati, Ohio; Frankfort, Kentucky; and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It is easy to find vendors along the route. Homeowners that live along the highway will set up yard sales. Businesses may have sidewalk sales in their parking lots. Professional dealers and vendors will rent space from others. Anyone can be a vendor. Some communities have areas set aside for large groups of vendors to rent space. Buyers can expect to find all types of merchandise. Popular items include antiques, collectibles, dishes, glassware, house wares, quilts, furniture, and clothing. Some vendors sell produce and food items. Buyers should bring cash, as not all vendors will take credit cards.

The Hwy 127 Yard Sale route takes travelers through some scenic countryside and offers an alternative to interstate highway travel. Bargain hunters may want to allow extra time to explore points of interest along the way. Lookout Mountain Parkway in Alabama and Georgia offers some spectacular views and recreational opportunities. Other scenic areas include the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee and the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in Tennessee and Kentucky. Several state parks are convenient to the route for those who want to camp along the way. Parks include Harrison Lake State Park and Grand Lake St. Mary’s State Park in Ohio, Taylorsville Lake State Park in Kentucky, Cumberland Mountain State Park in Tennessee, and DeSoto State Park in Alabama.

HGTV will return again in 2012 to film a one hour special on the event. They will be traveling between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Jamestown, Kentucky to talk to vendors and shoppers about their experiences. Their previous specials have focused attention on the sale and have been popular with viewers.