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Exciting Wonders of the Reykjavik Iceland

Exciting Wonders of the Reykjavik Iceland

Colorful architecture, highly spirited people, Viking heritage, and wicked night life await when you visit the capital of city Reykjavik. Situated in the southwestern portion of Iceland, and surrounded by the Faxafloi Bay, Rekjavik, is the most northernmost capital in the world. The city holds Iceland’s highest population and is the center for political and economic activities. It is also the culture and tourism hub for Iceland. Reykjavik is also known for its peculiar seasonal patterns. If you come in the summer, you will experience around 22 hours of daylight, which is the opposite during winter.

You will find it quite easy to walk around the downtown area of Reykjavij as it is relatively small huge downtown area. Like other European cities, Reykjavik has cafes, international restaurants, museums and galleries to keep you busy. If you are interested in architectural gems, do not miss visiting landmarks like the City Hall, Hallgrimskirkja Church and the Pearl Building.

Reykjavik adores and celebrates music, and this is evident in the frequency of the musical shows and concerts held all throughout the city. If you roam the city centre in the evening, there is a big chance that you will stumble upon a musical concert. On Friday night, the trendy bars and clubs in the downtown district are notorious for wild pub crawls, known as the runtur. If you want a more formal setting to appreciate art and music, then head out to the major theatres in the city, which include the National Theatre of Iceland and ReykjavÌk City Theatre. At Harpa, you can also catch a superb performance of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra every Thursday evening between the months of September and June.

Rekjavik’s geothermal pools are big draws to visitors, but they are also important cultural pastime venues. Don’t miss the chance to take a dip at these pools, and relax in the true Icelander fashion. Some of the notable geothermal swimming pools in the city are the Sundhöllin, Vesturbjarlaug and the Nautholsvik Thermal Beach. The Hot Spring Valley houses the biggest outdoor thermal pool in the city, the Laugardalslaug. The complex is a known sports and recreation center that will also give you access to a stunning Botanical Garden. By visiting the Geothermal Energy Exhibition at the Hellisheidi Power Plant, you will gain more understanding and appreciation for Iceland’s efforts in using geothermal energy for sustainability.

You don’t have to leave the capital to enjoy Iceland`s extraordinary natural resources. Since Reykjavik is surrounded by the sea, spend time at some of the city’s waterfront promenades and pathways. One particularly popular is the northern waterfront which offers scenic views of Mount Esja and is home of the Sun Voyager sculpture. The bay of Faxafloi is the best spot to watch whales like the minkes and the humpbacks. You can book with one of the many whale watching tour companies, which operate in the old harbor gisgarur. The boat travel between the harbor and the bay is approximately three hours.

You can also experience horseback riding just on the outskirts of the city. and the mountain Esja provides an easy yet scenic hiking opportunity. The climb can last for about 4 to 5 hours and at the end of it is a worthwhile and stunning panoramic view Rekjavik.