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Feng Shui North versus South Hemisphere

Feng Shui North versus South Hemisphere

The North South Hemisphere Question:

The dilemma of whether or not or not the orientation of the Lo Pan, Lo Shu must be reversed when used to the Southern Hemisphere has been thrown back an forth for decades so allows take into consideration the excellent arguments set ahead in Qi Ideas at the [http://www.dragonsbreath.co.uk]

Feng Shui originated in China involving 3000 and 5000 many years ago. China is a extensive place however its placement is solely in the Northern hemisphere no aspect is nearer than 18 levels North of the equator. There is neither reliable historical information, nor are there any data concerning the software of Feng Shui concept in the Southern Hemisphere. Proof just does not exist, so unfortunately we have to debate the query, postulate our theories and make our own final decision on what we experience snug with. Surely if you stay near to the equator, you need to have to be conscious of the variation involving the geographical equator and the magnetic equator, as I have currently pointed out in the preceding section. The difference can be fairly considerable as a great deal as 12? of latitude that’s 720 nautical miles or 828 statute if you like.

Isogonics Charts demonstrate the magnetic flux. It can vary from 0° to 30°. Interestingly the significant spot in excess of China has no Magnetic Variation. This diagram is only to illustrate the variation in flux. To see a very good instance of an Isogonics Chart take a look at the British Geological Society World-wide-web Web-site

If you seem at the earth you can see that the earths axis is inclined at angle of 23.5? to the airplane of its orbit about the sunshine this is termed the ecliptic. It maintains this tilt pointing rigidly and parallel to the identical stage in house in the direction of the Star Polaris. If the angle of the Earths axis remained perpendicular to the aircraft of the Sunshine then the Solar would be overhead at the equator at all moments. This is not the case on the other hand and we are stuck with it the way it is.

The Earth orbits the sun in 365 times. The suns apparent movement crosses to the North facet of the equator for close to for six months peaking all through the summer season solstice on the 21 June, around the Tropic of Cancer the place it reaches its greatest declination* North close to 23? North. It then commences to decline and crosses to the Southern side of the equator crossing the point of Libra all-around the 21 September. It continues its loop South right up until it is over Capricorn close to December 22nd, the winter season solstice, where by it is at its lowest West level.( Reversed for the S Hemisphere) It should really be very clear from this now how the seasons are shaped. (*the angular distance of the sun North or South of the Equator)

From this design, we can see that most individuals in China lived previously mentioned The 22nd Parallel of North latitude. This means that their view of the sunlight, from Quinghai Province North Central China for occasion, on the 21 June would have been soaring East North Easterly close to 064? Real (24°N of E).

The sunlight would traverse the sky, reaching its maximum altitude of 74? at mid working day, when it bears because of South, and the proceeds throughout the sky Westward exactly where it sets West North West around 290?Real (16°N of W)

Now if we consider the simple fact that the earliest university of Feng Shui was Form College Feng Shui, which supposedly predates the compass by at the very least 2000 years and was involved with the topography of the landscape making use of the 4 celestial animals configuration we can see a sample forming.

We have in Chinese Form University an arrangement the natural way seeking towards the midday Sunshine/South our most significant supply of energy and the greatest Yang. the supply of our warmth and mild. This is the Phoenix to the front Pink /Orange its ingredient is Fireplace like the growing and placing of the Sunshine. It is only purely natural that this would be the direction for the Yang rooms of a home to deal with. These would be the rooms that are most energetic and applied for the duration of the day.

They would be the most open rooms with the greatest home windows The entrance hall, dwelling place, family members area, conservatory, courtyard, sundeck,

The Turtle is to the North at the back again of us providing defense. Blue/Black/ Yin Chilly and dim like the lengthy significantly Northern nights. The Black Turtle traditionally represents the shady facet of the hill. It helps make feeling that this path with the minimum light smallest windows and becoming the most Yin really should be deemed the most acceptable for the Yin rooms of the home this kind of as the bedrooms bathrooms bogs retail store rooms.

The Azure/Green Dragon the color of the Jap plains and the China sea, is to the left/East and the rising Sunshine, Its wood component is expansive and represents the growth of spring and the dawn of just about every new early morning. This location is conducive to a kitchen area getting yang but lesser yang than the South and fantastic for breakfast place, if there is a yard then this is an place for a vegetable plot or an orchard specially if they can be oriented to a southerly element.

The White tiger to the correct/West, in the direction of the snowy peaks of the Himalayas and the environment Sunshine. its metallic factor is representative of contraction and autumn it is yin, female, conserving and preserving by nature. This is also a great space for children’s bedrooms and nursery especially for the youngest daughter.

It is relatively effortless to see how and why the ancient Chinese configured their houses to facial area in these directions. This configuration is just as relative today to residences in the Northern hemisphere as it as 5000 decades back in China. If we experienced the alternative to develop our great home, this would be the configuration we would be most most likely to decide on, for confident.

The energy pattern and qualities of the sun’s clear movement in the Northern Hemisphere as viewed down on the North Pole is clockwise. Similarly, the main ocean currents and big air streams the trade winds and monsoons circulate in a clockwise course.

(The World Climatic Chart for July in the Admiralty sailing Directions NP136 is an outstanding illustration).

In harmony with the laws of mother nature and hence stability, the Yin and Yang. The reverse exists in the Southern Hemisphere. While the Sunlight will still increase in the East, the Suns apparent motion when considered from the Southern Hemisphere is anti clockwise. The main currents and air streams are anticlockwise. The Sun, the big source of electricity is to the North and the chilly dim and shadows lie to the South. The 4 seasons are not reversed i.e. Autumn, Summer months, Spring, Winter as often said, but enhance their opposites Spring and Autumn, Summer time and Wintertime, Autumn and Spring, Wintertime and Summer season. The wave styles are cyclical, alternating but equal in frequency and amplitude supplying a dynamic stability and overall harmony. Typical perception dictates that you would not by means of option develop a residence facing the cold Yin South, the shadow aspect of the hill in the southern hemisphere.

There are a number of other really impressive phenomena and illustrations in nature that fortify the idea that the orientations are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere and we ought to be observant of our surroundings and acquire recognize of and hear to Character and our setting just after is just not that what Feng Shui is all about.

  • The earth’s rotation when seen from above the North Pole is clockwise.
  • The earth’s rotation when considered from higher than the South Pole is anti clockwise.
  • The Corriolis power reverses from just one Hemisphere to yet another.
  • The Ocean currents alter their path of move when they cross the equator.
  • Weather conditions devices Tornados and Storms revolve in opposite directions in each and every Hemisphere.
  • The trade winds adjust their circulation on crossing the equator from a person hemisphere to a further.
  • The enormous higher air masses warm and grow and rise upward around the equator diverge in a course in the direction of the poles. Yang
  • The big higher air masses get chilly heavy and sink converging on the Poles, Yin.
  • The four seasons are reverse.
  • Vegetation and trees lean to the sun the supply of all energy the supreme yang.
  • The additional North or South you vacation as you technique the poles the speed of the earth’s rotation slows Yin.
  • The nearer you method the equator the quicker the rotation goes Yang.
  • The additional North or South you vacation as you tactic the poles the earths the earth grows colder darker stiller Yin.
  • The nearer you tactic the equator the brighter warmer livelier, lusher and extra animate extra Yang.
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