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India Sightseeing Experiences – Embark On Unique Tours of Famous Landmarks

India Sightseeing Experiences – Embark On Unique Tours of Famous Landmarks

India is the destination of all seasons; however, summer is the best season to get down in India to explore it. During summers it’s hot at some places in India but during summers you will usually get opportunity to see the true colors, energy and vibrancy of India in full swing. This is because agriculture is the dominant occupation in India, which is why there are lots of activities that are triggered during summers.

India is renowned to offer inclusive holiday experience to any kind of visitors whether they’re families or newlywed couples or just a group of friends. India has umpteen holiday destinations lining up to offer unique experience and lifetime memorable opportunity to anyone.

To start with New Delhi, capital of India, is the most recommended destination to start your journey in India, because it is the hub of cultural activities in India where people from various background, class, culture, region, and religion mingle to define secular pluralism of India. New Delhi’s historical legacy is massive which finds its expression in architecture, culture and people.

New Delhi’s public transportation is modern and safe especially Metro (tube). Make your journey adventurous in New Delhi by boarding tube that will take you to Red fort, Lotus Temple and other architectural marvels of New Delhi in no time. Most interesting part is that you can see that people from different culture, class or religion are boarding or De-boarding the train and if you ask for help they’re readily available to do so.

New Delhi is strongly connected to all cities, towns and villages of India by trains, roads and airports. After New Delhi, you can head to north-western frontier of India i.e. Rajasthan. A place known for royal families and breathtaking palaces. Rajasthan luxury is vast and interspersed, it is really difficult to visit all the palaces and architectural marvels of Rajasthan in one holiday tour but certainly any single selection is empowered to offer you lifetime luxurious and royal treatment that you won’t forget for long time.

Popular destinations in Rajasthan are Jaipur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Kota and many other towns and villages. Spa and Ayurveda treatments in Rajasthan are popular that will heal your body and rejuvenate you. Apart from this Rajasthan rugged terrains and deserts will infuse a sense of adventure, and oasis luxury hotels will offer you needed comfort and freshness. While your stay in Rajasthan you can meet royal families and enjoy a day or two at their palaces.

As your tour completes in Rajasthan you can move to Goa or coastal cities or towns or villages of India. Indian beaches are serene and beautiful where you can enjoy golden moments and eventful water sports with luxurious hotels and restaurants. Beside this Kerala and Pondicherry are other top attractions in India.

India’s diversity in flora and fauna, people and region is immense and extensive, and surely it will take years or maybe centuries to discover complete India.