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Naoussa Paros Hotels and Things to Do During the Day

Naoussa Paros Hotels and Things to Do During the Day

Explore Paros beaches, sites and attractions.

The Port of Paros is in Parikia (the capital) which is situated on the western part of the island. Parikia is a well-developed tourism infrastructure town offering lots of accommodation units, beaches and archaeological sites to visit.

There are also daily flights from Athens to Paros (4 flights per day – 45 minutes flight), with Olympic Air.

Paros is the third in size island in Cyclades, after Andros and Naxos, with a total area of 195 sq. km and 120 kilometers of shore and beautiful sandy beaches. Apart Parikia which is the commercial center of the island, the most beautiful village in Paros is Naoussa, which is much more picturesque and has a lot of beaches and attractions to offer. The center point of interest is around the small fishing harbour of Naoussa where are situated some of the best restaurants, fish taverns, cafés and bars of the island. Near Naoussa are some of the best beaches of Paros, awarded with the “blue flag” sign.

In this article we will talk about things to do in Naoussa Paros during the day.
Get up early in the morning, have a rich breakfast at your hotel and get ready to discover the beauties of places around Naoussa. If you prefer to have your breakfast in Naoussa, go to the Café Santé, situated in the heart of the village. It is one of the most popular meeting points in Naoussa, serving all kind of coffees and delicious omelets.

After that, rent a scooter (or hire a taxi or a boat) and drive to some of the best nearby beaches. Start your beach tour from Kolimbithres beach which is situated in the bay, just opposite of Naoussa village. Due to impressive huge sculpture-like rock formations that divide the whole beach into little coves of sandy beaches, Kolimbithres is one of the most popular beaches near Naoussa. Some of these small beaches offer umbrellas and sun loungers for hire and some water sport facilities as well. Another small sandy beach, pretty close to Kolimbithres, is Monastiri (or Agios Ioannis beach). It’s a very well-organized beach, with crystal clear waters, sea sport facilities and seafront fish taverns to enjoy your lunch with delicious tastes.

For snorkeling and windsurfing lovers, it’s suggested to go to Santa Maria beach, situated east of Naoussa at a distance of 5 km, facing Naxos island. This is a fully organized beach with sun loungers, umbrellas, sea sport centers and beach bars with nice music.

In the afternoon you may visit some churches, such as Kimisis tis Theotokou (the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin) which is the main church of Naoussa, located on the highest spot of the hill, the church of San Nicolas and the Monastery of Logovarda which is located 4 km from Naoussa on the way to Parikia. Logovarda is a male monastery and it is forbidden for women.

If you are going to stay in Paros for more days, then it’s worthy to visit some of the most interesting sites in Parikia, such as the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani (meaning Our Lady of the Hundreds Gates) which was constructed in the 4th century A.D. by Saint Constantine, the first Emperor of Constantinople (Istanbul) and is one of the best preserved Christian monuments in Greece, where you may visit the Byzantine Museum and admire a collection of rare icons, various religious relics and other christian items dating from the post-Byzantine period. In Parikia is also located the Archaeological Museum of Paros where you may see a huge collection of findings dating from the Bronze and Neolithic period.

And last, don’t miss to visit Antiparos island, a small picturesque islet, just 1 nautical mile southwest of Paros, where you will feel like in paradise. Antiparos is accessible by ferryboat from Paros port (Parikia) which is a 20 minutes trip and from Punda beach which is just 7 minutes trip.

In Naoussa of Paros you may find some of the most elegant Paros luxury hotels, right on the beach, such as Paliomylos Hotel and Senia Hotel.