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New “Pork and Mindy’s” Restaurant Could Inspire Other Sitcom-Themed Eateries

New “Pork and Mindy’s” Restaurant Could Inspire Other Sitcom-Themed Eateries

A new sandwich shop opening near Chicago would not really be news, only this one made the September 4 USA Today because of its unusual name. It will be called “Pork & Mindy’s,” a clever allusion to the sitcom that launched Robin Williams to stardom.

Owner Jeff Mauro, nicknamed “Sandwich King,” told the Chicago Tribune that the restaurant will offer casual sandwiches along with art and music. There will likely be television sets as well, and perhaps occasionally patrons may see the late 70s show about the man from Ork, who eventually married the title character played by actress Pam Dawber.

The station one should first check would be TV Land or better yet MeTV, which already airs classic programs like “Get Smart,” “Laverne and Shirley,” “Happy Days” and “The Beverly Hillbillies.” It even has a late Sunday morning block of the famous Florence Henderson-Robert Reed sitcom, appropriately referred to as “The Brady Brunch.”

There are other classic TV shows that would make catchy names for restaurants, and here are six examples.

“Logan’s Heroes”

The series about prisoners in Germany during World War II starred Bob Crane as Hogan, but Logan is a much more common name now. Someone with that name could open a restaurant specializing in subs and gyros. The waiters could dress like Sargeant Schultz or Colonel Klink and it could employ a British manager like Richard Dawson.

“King of the Grill”

This restaurant could promote itself with the fact that it only uses propane to prepare its burgers, which would bring much delight to Hank Hill and the propane company for which he worked on the Fox animated sitcom.

“Leave It To Seder”

This business could specialize in serving Jewish dishes, such as matzah, challah, borekas, and kugel. The walls could be decorated with black and white photos of Ward and June Cleaver with their sons, as well as one of neighbor nuisance Eddie Haskell.

“Adam’s Ribs”

The sitcom starring pre-White Shadow Ken Howard and Blythe Danner had a short run in 1973, but it would make a great moniker for a restaurant specializing in barbecued ribs.

“Chico and the Pan”

Mexican cuisine would be the obvious offering from this restaurant, named after the classic 70s series starring Freddie Prinze and Jack Albertson.

“Curd Your Enthusiasm”

Seinfeld creator Larry David starred in the sitcom, but the restaurant would curb your appetite by offering an array of cheese specialties.