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Rajasthan Tours – Join the Caravan

Rajasthan Tours – Join the Caravan

There is no finer way to appreciate the diversity of this vibrant place that is a perfect amalgamation of culture, traditions, history, legends, victory, heroism and valor, Rajasthan is truly an incredible state of India. The best manner in which a traveler can discover this royal land of heritage and history is by availing Rajasthan Tours which will enable him to discover the best known tourist’s spots and attractions of this place. There are a number of tour packages that are offered to the traveler like Golden Triangle Tour, Camel Safari Tour, Royal Rajasthan Tour, Forts and Palaces Tour, Colorful Rajasthan Tour and so on and so forth. A trip across this barren yet fruitful land will be the most engaging trips of all.

Golden Triangle Tours

A trip that will be the most ideal short trip while you are travelling across the bamboozling country India will be the Golden Triangle trip. It will be a journey that will take the traveler to some of the most iconic spots of this country; it will be a travel to the three most popular cities of India namely the dazzling Delhi, the astounding Agra and the jostling Jaipur which is well known as the Pink City.

Golden Triangle Tours make the traveler witness the glories of the rich historic past of India, the crumbling Moghul architecture and the glimpse of the great grand vestiges of the Rajas and the Maharajas. This trip will commence from New Delhi and head towards Agra and then further towards Jaipur, this journey that covers the Golden triangle will be the most historic journey into the retro of India.

Camel Safari Tour

As one sets off to the desert, all one will witness is the emptiness scattered all around yet the beauty still lingers on in the barren lands of the desert. The view that one will get to witness on reaching the Golden Dessert will be spectacular, the camel caravans will take you further into the remote villages and forts while at night the traveler will get the chance to capture the desert atmosphere and will also get to hear the heroic tales from the natives sitting around a bonfire under clear starry night sky. Your trip to Rajasthan will remain incomplete if you miss to witness the enticing Camel Safari Tour.

Royal Rajasthan Tour

If one talks about the Royal Rajasthan Tour, it is a journey that takes the traveler to some of the most royal places of Rajasthan. It offers him to witness the grandeur of this fascinating place of heritage hotels and vintage cars. For all the first timers, availing a Rajasthan tour will be the best thing to do.