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Some Useful Tagalog Words

Some Useful Tagalog Words

There are many places in the Philippines that are good destinations due to their sheer beauty and scenic wonders. The Philippines is actually made up of thousands of separate islands that jot the ocean but cumulatively the islands are known as the Philippines. The official language spoken in the Philippine islands is Tagalog and the Tagalog language is also commonly referred to as Filipino.

Four of my friends and I plan to visit numerous places in the Philippines. We feel it would be a good experience to see the country and experience it firsthand. Since we are already in the Philippines and have decided to meet and go over our plan for seeing the rest of the country.

My friends and I plan to meet for breakfast this bright Sunday morning to discuss our trip. I had asked room service to wake me up at 8 a.m. Someone did so with a cheery, “Maganda Umaga” (Good morning) and I replied with the same greeting and expressed my hope that it would be a beautiful day (Maganda Araw). The word for good in Filipino is magagandang.

My friends were already at the restaurant when I reached there. We greeted each other, then ordered a “nilaga kape” which is brewed coffee and began to discuss plans, for making this trip.

We also needed directions to get to drive to our destination. One of my friends was responsible for getting the directions and for planning the entire trip. We were thankful for that, so I thanked him for all of us and said, “Nakagawa ka ng maayos na trabaho!” which means “you did a good job.” There were many things we planned to do once we arrived in the next city. We heard that we could dive from sites that had natural deep steel walls and view the incredible marine life in the crystal clear blue waters. We also plan to stop off at Bohol. The term “Boho” means “hole” and Bohol, I would imagine got its name because of the many caves there of all sizes.

We then began to discuss good Filipino food (masarap na pagkaing Pilipino) and what we would eat. I love squid (posit) and oysters (talaba). One of my friends said he would only eat lechon (roast pig) which is the name it goes by. Another companion of mine said he wanted to taste mussels (tahong) and crab (alimango). We also like the different types of fish (isda) and shrimps (hipon).

We are quite pleased that we decided to let our friend make all the arrangements, since he is very organized and did a good job in planning our trip. The next time we plan a trip it will most likely be my turn to make the plans.

At the moment we are not too far from the next city but we have been traveling a long time. We will stop at a small restaurant and order breakfast and two servings of coffee. We are quite excited and cannot wait to reach our destination. We have brought along cameras and video equipment to document our trip. So far everything is going according to plan. But for the moment it’s time to find the street the restaurant is on, so that we can order breakfast.