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The Nanticoke River – A Popular Largemouth Bass Fishing Destination

The Nanticoke River – A Popular Largemouth Bass Fishing Destination

The Nanticoke River is absolutely just one of the finest Japanese Shore Rivers for bass fishing. On weekends you will see tournament fisherman from quite a few states simply because the river fishes “significant more than enough” to accommodate 50-150 boat functions. I have located breaking the river down into three primary sections can help new fishermen listed here stay away from currently being overcome by the river’s dimensions. These are main river/Seaford, Broad creek and finally Marshyhope Creek. Every single of these parts has advantages and disadvantages for event fishermen and weekend fishermen alike.

Wide Creek

This creek is incredibly well known but has far too lots of “no wake” zones among Phillips Landing and Laurel creating it rough to “run and gun” in tournaments. Broad Creek is far more sheltered in significant winds and usually has clearer h2o the closer to Laurel you go.

Some of the ideal fishing can be identified by markers #4 – 5 and 7 as the creek helps make large bends all the way to Bethel. Just previous Bethel Bridge is a tiny pond to the proper that is quickly accessed from the river. This is a true hotspot at periods and a certain fish location through the spawn. Further more up the creek you will see tons of lay down trees and ultimately a couple of bridges and a spillway in Laurel. This place is all excellent but slow likely mainly because of boat traffic and obstructions in the slender channel.

Seaford and Above

The major river and Seaford space will make jumping from place to location extremely uncomplicated because the river is wider with extremely several limitations. You will have barge targeted visitors and several enjoyment boaters and the dreaded jet skis to contend with but the fishing is fantastic. My preferred spots are the boat docks woodland ferry crossing, pad strains and all the good smaller feeder creeks. The Seaford location has weighty industry with all the piling clusters for barges, bulkheads, a Railroad bridge and a number of very good backwater spots. In between the railroad bridge and the Blades attract bridge there is a significant marina with wonderful fishing in the winter season and throughout the spawn. Higher than the Blades drawbridge to the still left is yet another backwater space primary to a dam with terrific fishing at occasions. Relocating on up river earlier Route 13 Bridge the river splits into two branches. Both equally of these are great in summer time and fall but just take time and caution to check out. Glimpse intently and you will notice several new locations with grass. When fishing the Nanticoke recall the tide variations considerably previously in Sharptown and Vienna than in Seaford so acquire comprehensive advantage of that “golden hour” when the chunk is potent.

Marshyhope Creek

The Marshyhope fishes like a entire different river and is straightforward to navigate when the pads are up. In winter season or early period various bass boats have strike the mudflats wondering they have been in the channel. This creek has generally been most effective for me on falling tide with the final two hours being fantastic. Match fishermen have planted brush piles, weighted down wooden pallets and even rock piles to improve specified areas. These are all uncomplicated to come across by observing your depth finder and slowly cruising pad line drops and creek mouths. There are numerous outdated wooden boat wrecks on this creek that keep fish and some are noticeable on very low tide so mark them with your GPS. Fish each and every creek mouth you can discover on falling tides. Beaver huts are seriously bass magnets on this creek and any wooden you notice out from the pad line on falling tide will maintain bass continually. Also fish the shallow bridge pilings, docks and all rip rap you see that will help split the latest. Relocating on up into the slender wooded section seem intently to your still left and you will see a smaller pond named “Peggy’s Hole”. This is this kind of a good place all through the spawn it is normally set “off restrictions” in tournaments to keep away from a boat race finding to it. The bass spawn significantly previously than most people notice in this pond. Going on to Federalsburg you will observe a sandpit on your remaining that is also a spawn space that can be incredibly very good. In Federalsburg at the new ramp there is a compact marina that in no way has boats tied up in it but is a great fishing spot. All the rip rap near by is very good also. In tumble normally proceed fishing all the way up past Federalsburg for the fish are there as the drinking water cools. Now for the draw back the Marshyhope has truly robust current, will get muddy simply immediately after rains or from boat visitors and is a rather long ride from Phillip’s Landing or Seaford ramps.