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The Story of Revata, The First Time Travel Story In The History Of Mankind!

The Story of Revata, The First Time Travel Story In The History Of Mankind!

Who has written the 1st Time Journey Story? Any modern Sci-Fi – Scientific Fiction – author? No.

It is the good sage Veda Vyasa who has composed 18 great Hindu Epics experienced prepared the initially Time Journey Tale.

Vyasa has been glorified as the terrific just one who has Huge Brain. There is nothing at all in the globe which he has not touched enumerated! In Devi Bhagavatham, we arrive across the tale of Revata.

The good king by identify Ravata was the ruler of Kusasthali. He was the son of King Anartta and grandson of emperor Saryati. He had hundred sons and a single daughter by name Revathi.

When the time for Revathi’s relationship came, he was not ready to come across out a suited bridegroom for his daughter. So he assumed of conference the creator Brahma who established Revathi. Revathi also accompanied his father to the Brahmaloka, the earth of Brahama.

When they enter into Brahams’s area there was some Yaga likely on. Revata respectfully worshipped Brahma. On seeing him, Brahma just signed to wait. The Yaga was accomplished and Brahma requested Revata about the objective of his go to.

Revata spelled out that he experienced appear to acquire his assistance in getting out a ideal bridegroom.

Braham advised him, “Oh! The time in Brahma Loka and the time in the earth are different. Even even though you feel that you have waited below for a several minutes, countless numbers of several years have been passed in the earth. See the persons there in the earth. They are all comparatively pretty significantly shorter simply because a person Yuga has been accomplished, whilst beautiful Revathi is very significantly taller than the earthly gentlemen. But do not worry. You might opt for Balabadrarama as your son-in-law. He will do the needful.”

On listening to this Revata was really delighted and he came back again to earth along with Revathi and met Balabadrarama. Balabadrarama took his spade and with that he pressed Revathi’s head. Straight away Revathi was shortened and attained a suited regular peak as that of other earthly gals.The marriage was effectively performed.

As a result Veda Vyasa very fantastically narrates the time dilation idea, that is, the distinction in time when you journey in the area to a better length.

Now let us assess this with the details delivered in “Meyers Handbook on Space’.

Meyers table provides you extents of Time dilation in between the spaceship rocket crew hon an intersteller flight and the inhabitants at the rocket launching station in the earth.

Following desk presents the several years for Rocket Crew and equivalent a long time of launch station inhabitants, in this scenario, humanbeings in our earth.

Yrs of Rocket Crew Many years of Start Internet site at Earth

1 1

2 2.1

5 6.5

10 24

20 270

30 3100

40 36000

50 4,20,000

4,20,000 years is approximately equivalent to one Kali Yuga’s duration. This is what Brahma advised Revata that 1 Yuga has been passed.

With a great tale Vyasa has narrated the Time Dilation concept in a wonderful way.

Terrific scientific theories are all concealed in Hindu Puranas. With the advancement of science we arrive to know the info hidden in the epics and become dumbfounded.