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Tourism in Cambodia – A Brief History About Cambodia

Tourism in Cambodia – A Brief History About Cambodia

There are so many countries are having so many natural beauties around the world. Cambodia is one of the greatest countries in that list. So many people in the world are calling this place as pearl of Asia or God created heaven. This is situated in In do Chinese peninsula and Vietnam and Lao are the boarder countries in the east. In earlier days, the Cambodia is well known as Kampuchea, having more than fourteen million people. The capital of this country is the biggest city and having more beautiful tourist places around this city. The Cambodia was ruled by the powerful Hindu and Buddhist Khmer Empire in between the eleventh and fourteenth century. The people of the Cambodia country are identified as Cambodians or Khmer people. However, the citizen of this Cambodian country would like to identify them as Khmer people refer to ethnic Khmer s. And coming to religion of the country, most of the people are Buddhists and remaining people are Muslims, Chinese and Hindus and many more.

In earlier centuries, the Cambodia country has faced so many testing times, fortunately it has so many tourist attractions. Most of the wonders in this place has survived and treated as rich in history, culture and architectures and arts are reporting the uniqueness in Khmer culture. And beautiful tourist spots are always somewhere and something to cater to your fancy.

From the past decade, it is observed that the tourism rate in this place has been growing rapidly, and it has become more popular, and it has created numerous opportunities to the local people. Most of the country income is depending upon the Eco-tourism. The tourism in this country has started in pr history days. So many countries are willing to trade with this country. The Angkor watt temple in this country has one of the biggest temples in the world, architecture by the people of Khmer culture. The country has not only temple and ruins and also the beautiful echo parks. This amazing country is always welcoming environment lovers with its graces and natural beauty. There are so many most exciting and original adventures in the Asia continent are yet to be explored. In the north east region of the country has a wealth of jungles, lakes, rivers and awesome waterfalls. These places are occupied by some of the interesting minority groups. The national elephant park is one of the biggest geological parks around the world. This country has worlds finest beaches are boasting the coastline of the country. And the boat shire in Mekong and Sap Lake will add more grace to your wonderful moments in this country. These Lakes are the important source of fish to the people in this country.

To more details and information about the culture and prehistory of the Cambodian country, you need to do a small search in internet to get more details. There are so many web sites are offering more details and information to their clients.