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What to See in Barbados by Car

What to See in Barbados by Car

Barbados is a beautiful island full of recreation, entertainment, culture, dining, and shopping. There is so much to see and do on the island that it requires a Barbados car rental in order to experience everything. Exploring the island by car makes it easier to see everything Barbados has to offer.

Barbados is home to many different soils and flora on top of sandstone rock and coral that were pushed out of the sea by ancient volcanic action. The island’s land is hilly and rocky with a vast underground system of rivers, caves, and lakes. These water sources supply clear and delicious drinking water.

Coral rocks contain the underground water system, covered in a thin film of top soil measuring less than a foot. The delicate balance is crucial, and it supported the sugar plantations of the past. Now the soil sustains a diversifying base of agricultural production.

There are many great attractions in Barbados that visitors can experience. Travel to the Mount Gay Visitors Centre and guides will take visitors through the fascinating history of Mount Gay Rum. Explore three centuries of the history, heritage, and technique behind the world’ oldest rum.

The Flower Forest contains 53.6 acres of beautiful paths, trees, and flowers. The Barbados Scotland District is located in the Flower Forest 750 feet above sea level and has seven acres of wild gardens. There are flowers all year round and panoramic views looking over Chalky Mount and the East Coast.

Visiting Premier Attractions offers travellers the best tours and attractions Barbados has to offer. They have submarine tours, entertainment shows, a golf course, Harrison’s Cave, an Island Safari, and Tiami Cruises.

There are many beautiful caves visitors can travel to and explore by car. The best cave considered one of the seven wonders of Barbados is Harrison’s Cave. In the 70s, the cave was landscaped and developed, drawing on scientific, artistic, technological, and geological resources. Tunnels were dug, lighting was improved, and underground streams were diverted.

The cave is an amazing gallery of stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave and emerging from the ground. There are streams of crystal-clear running water dropping from breathtaking waterfalls, allowing deep emerald pools to form.

Welchman Hall Gully is a great attraction for nature lovers. Hike through the gully to experience tranquillity and imagine how the entire island looked three hundred years ago. Earthworks Pottery produces fully functional lines of dinnerware and serving pieces in over 150 shapes and 36 stock patterns.

There are many historical, architectural, and natural sites in Barbados. Seven are considered wonders of Barbados. Harrison’s Cave is the first and was mentioned above. There is also the Baobab Tree, historic Jacobean Mansions, the Morgan Lewis Mill, the famous Jewish Synagogue, Cannon Galore, and the Grapefruit Tree also known as Citrus Paradise.

When exploring Barbados by car, there are many towns and villages to visit that will give visitors a first hand look at what makes Barbados charming and historic. Bridgetown is the main commercial area of Barbados and the capital city.

There is a multitude of duty free shops that sell fine jewellery, china, liquor, and more. The city also contains wayside vendors that sell everything imaginable. Parliament buildings can be found in Bridgetown. Established in 1639, Bridgetown’s Parliament buildings are the third oldest in the Commonwealth.

Speightstown is in the north part of the island and was the first commercial centre in Barbados. After neglecting the town for many years, Speightstown has been revived and restored to its former glory.

The city contains rich architectural heritage and is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. There are many shops to browse, an art gallery to view, and beachfront restaurants that allow visitors to enjoy a wonderful meal and a spectacular view.