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Zoos, Wildlife Parks And Game Reserves In Plateau State Nigeria

Zoos, Wildlife Parks And Game Reserves In Plateau State Nigeria


Located at the heart of Jos town and close to the Jos Museum and the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture (MOTNA). is the Jos Zoological garden.

It has animals ranging from lions to different types of snakes, different types of monkeys, crocodiles, tortoise, different types of wild birds, ostriches, donkeys, hoses, porcupine, and more.

The Jos Zoo is one of the favorite destinations for the citizens of Jos especially during festive times.


The beautiful Jos Wildlife Park is situated on the Miango road and covers an area of about 8 square kilometres. It has protected picnic sites, Plateau fauna, Elephant and lions, and other animals.


This is one of the most interesting of the wildlife parks situated in Shendam Local Government Area, about 250 kilometers south-east of Jos the State Capital.

The Pandam Wildlife Park covers an area of about 192sq. kilometers, and is both of tourist and scientific importance. The cross-like bay offers a beautiful view of nature with its wildlife and fishes.


This reserve which occupy some 1,312sq. km. is situated in Wase Local Government Area and shares a common boundary with the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State. To its south is the river Pai. It is believed that every type of wildlife in the Yankari Game Reserve can be found in the Pai Game Reserve.


This reserve has been established primarily to boost the already existing tourist attraction of the the Wase Rock. This rock is the most significant single geographical feature in Wase Local Government Council Area. It is a remarkable hill rising abruptly 250 meters above the surface as if a tall chunk of rock had been driven perpendicularly into the alluvial plane. Geographers describe it as a volcanic plug. It overshadows the town of Wase, and is visible for a radius of 40 kilometers. Because of its shear height it poses an daunting challenge to mounting climbers, and its top which is said to contain a lake with fish, has rarely been scaled.

Markets & places of interest on the Jos-Plateau; Building Materials and Vegetable Market, Gada Biyu Market, Faringada Tomatoes Market,, Langtang Street, Jama’a Junction, Jengre Market, etc. The Jos-Plateau in Nigeria is also the place to find the following in abundance and at good wholesale and retail prices. Commodities like; vegetables (including Irish potatoes, Cucumber, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Green pepper, Green peas, water melon, Water, Onions, Carrots), (including Popcorn, Sorghum, Millet, Yellow Maize, White Maize, Beans, Acha, Rice, Soybeans, Sesame seeds), fruits (including; Oranges, Bananas, Mango, Pineapples, Strawberry, Grape), livestock (including Cow, Calf, Goat, Sheep, Goat, Chicken Eggs, Broiler chicken), and gem stones (including Topaz, Ruby, Tourmaline Blue, Pink Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Quartz, Sapphire), and many more.