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Towns to Visit on Grenada Holidays

Towns to Visit on Grenada Holidays

If you’re planning your holidays in Grenada, then you’ll be wanting to know about activities to do and places to visit. Grenada is an island full of 45 pretty sandy beaches to visit, but once you’ve had enough of the sunshine, there are plenty of other sites to see. In this article we are going to explore the towns of Grenada.

The bus system in Grenada is easy to use and very affordable. All buses leave St George’s from close to the fish market and the friendly conductors will ensure that you climb aboard the right bus for your destination. You’ll travel to the sound of reggae or soca coming from the speakers. Alternatively, you may prefer to hire a car or a jeep for a few days so that you can explore the green valleys and waterfalls in addition to these towns.

This town was originally known as ‘Charlotte Town’, but when the French ruled the island, they renamed it in respect of the many guava trees in the area. Every Friday night, the town hosts ‘Fish Friday’ when locally caught fish can be sampled in the dishes created by the street-vendors. Fish are grilled, steamed or fried to absolute perfection. Gouyave people love their seafood and they know their seafood – don’t miss this culinary event if you do too. Sample everything and be adventurous to get the best of the experience. The event starts at 6pm every week.

Sauteurs (Pronounced ‘So-ters’)
This sleepy town is located at the north of the island. It has a long strip of sandy beach that overlooks Carriacou and the Grenadines. Away from the busy areas of the south, this quaint town has an interesting history. It is the spot where the last Caribs of Grenada were reputed to jump from ‘Carib’s Leap’ or ‘Sauteurs Leap’. They were trying to escape from the French, so jumped from the 40ft high cliff to their deaths. In 1664 the Dominican Fathers erected a grotto so that the Carib’s would have somewhere for their souls. There is still a wooden deck in place today.

Many visitors who are enjoying their holidays in Grenada, will come across Grenville on the west coast. The town is located half way up the coast and is the centre of the agricultural export industry. It is also the second biggest town on the island after St George’s. The town is home to the biggest nutmeg processing plant on the island and has local shops and eateries to explore.

St George’s
The capital of Grenada is hustling and bustling centre of activity. The city is part of the Eastern Caribbean route for cruise ships and will often be inundated by day visitors. Don’t miss the market, with all of it’s colours and excitement as local vendors sell their daily produce. The variety of tropical produce should be seen, along with the opportunity to drink from a fresh coconut. Visit the Carenage to look out over the horse-shoe harbour and to visit a variety of local restaurants for such culinary delights as locally produced rotis.